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December 18, 2007


Where You At?!

#8's a challenge for me too. Good list. Good luck.


Aha, not an easy task to declutter so to speak with children in the house. All the best to your resolutions. :)


You made me laugh with your reference to your teenage driver. I likely won't find it too funny in five years.


I should do #1 and #10 too. Nice list!


i should adopt your #1. i need to learn to be more "outgoing".

hmmm. things to ponder.


Linoleum in the bedroom? Oh my goodness. LOL on the "shade of SPAM" comment. Perhaps the people we bought our house from 10 years ago moved into yours. Though ours was more of a semi-cooked salmon color I suppose.


I need to do your # 10 too!

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