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July 19, 2007



I can sympathize with you! I also have a 5 yo who likes to ask questions. Lots of questions!

Adelle Laudan

Wow! If only we could capture some of that enthusiasm for life. Sigh. I just love kids at that age. I call it the sponge age. They have an insatiable appetite for information, like a sponge to water. lol
Happy T13



Gotta love these years :) My 3 year old asks me things till I think I'll go crazy.


Great list. My six year old son is just as inquisitive. Our explanations on our origins are quite similar though I do speak of God as a creative energy and evolution.

Be well and enjoy the day.


Wonderful list, and definitely made me smile .. :) Happy TT!

On-the-Job Mom

Inquisitive little things, aren't they!


You know, we don't give them credit. Their little minds are so SHARP!

What a sweet little young'un.

Thanks for sharing!

Happy TT!

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