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July 13, 2007


And Miles To Go....

that is so special to have your mom as a role model :) Great Feast!


Great feast - especially your salad! I love it!

Happy Friday!

Write From Karen

Okay, STOP procrastinating and do the restaurant surprise for your husband. That sounds incredibly romantic!


ROFL - Procrastinate is my middlename :P
Yep, "procrastinate on procrastinating" would definitely be a double negative, which turns positive, so you wouldn't be procrastinating at all! Take my advice, forget the dessert and go for the salad!!


Wow I like your Park Plaza plans are pretty nice - lucky hubby ;)
Thanks for dropping by my feast.


I also procrastinate. I think we all do. Especially the stuff we don't want to do.

Laughter is good medicine. We all need it in our lives.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Have a nice weekend. :o)

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