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July 12, 2007



Oh my gawd! If I did this list it would be gigantic! Lol .. :) Great idea for a TT, and thank you for stopping by!

Jessica The Rock Chick

My list would have the exact same things on it. Fortunately, most of the closets have doors that I just close because no matter how organized I think I am determined to be, in two weeks, it's right back where it was!!!

Your water bottles in the car made me laugh. I pulled 9 of them out of my mini-van yesterday! :)

Happy TT!
Jessica The Rock Chick

Karen Woodward

I don't even want to think about my list. Living in an apartment, at least I don't have lawn work on the list. I hope you get a lot accomplished.


This is a list I need to make. Thanks for the reminders.

Nancy Liedel

Getting rid of clothing is emotionally traumatic and may lead to huge therapy bills. It's cheaper, in the end, to buy a bigger house and move it all there.

See! One less thing to feel angst about :)


Wow, you don't have to be bored, enough to do! Don't forget to do something nice for yourself too!
Thanks for visiting my essentials TT.

Moving Mama

I need one of those reality shows that just comes to my house and does all that one time stuff - They should call it "Clean Up Your Life" - maybe they'd stop by every week :)


Just think that after you de-junk the closet in two days it'll be junked up again. You're really saving yourself stress by not doing it.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Yeah, I get caught up on laundry. But then, invariably, I get buried under an avalanche that takes literally a few weeks before I'm caught up.

I'd rather have it slow and steady, ya know?

As for the rest, why not spend a half an hour a day on some of it? Slow and steady... Seems to be a recurring theme for me. Maybe I'm still worn out from recent travels?

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